Cubans residing in Ireland make an important contribution to send a donation with health supplements for the “Hermanos Amejeiras” hospital.

Dublin, June 3, 2023: Cuban residents in Ireland responded positively to the call made by the “Ernesto Ché Guevara” Association of Cuban Residents and the consular office of the Cuban Embassy to support the efforts made by the Solidarity Movement to send a container with medical supplies to the “Hermanos Amejeiras” Hospital.

Some 15 Cubans, representing the community in Ireland, made different financial contributions with the aim of ensuring the shipment of the aforementioned container, which should arrive in Cuba in the coming weeks.

With the generous gesture of the Cubans, their attachment to the homeland and their support for the Cuban people, victims of an economic, commercial and financ
ial blockade that has lasted for more than 62 years and that significantly affects the health sector, is revealed.

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