Advancing in the digital transformation is a priority for the country

The transition to digital television was partially completed in the western region, while a fourth donation from the People’s Republic of China is being prepared to provide this technology in the central part of the national territory.

Accelerating the digital transformation of the services offered to the people and maintaining a favorable cybersecurity is a priority to advance in the informatization of the country.
This was expressed by Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, at the annual balance of the Ministry of Communications (Mincom), which was also attended by Manuel Marrero Cruz, member of the Political Bureau and prime minister; Yudí Mercedes Rodríguez Hernández, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee and head of its Department of Services, and Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, deputy prime minister.
Mayra Arevich Marín, Minister of Communications, referred to the results and main problems that the sphere faced last year, the distortions and negative trends and the actions to correct them and re-boost the economy, as well as the main goals to be achieved this year.
He emphasized that, despite the limitations, a slight growth in the quality of service was reported, which managed to cover 87.5% of the services with 3g networks and 50% with 4g.
The country reached a telephone density of 83.2 %, 68.9 % of which was covered by mobile telephony and 14.3 % by fixed telephony. Regarding cybersecurity, he said that the working system for vulnerability management was maintained, with priority given to high-impact vulnerabilities.
Other aspects analyzed by Arevich Marín were the start-up of the Arimao submarine cable, which, in addition to the diversification it implies in telecommunications, allowed an increase in capacities of 45 % in comparison with the previous year.
He said that digital television is advancing in the Island, which improves the quality of service, a process partially concluded in the western region, while a fourth donation from the People’s Republic of China is being prepared to make this technology available in the central part of the national territory.
He informed that the deployment of the Government Network and the installation of services continued, as well as the updating of the catalog of Critical Infrastructures of Information and Communication Technologies (ITC), among other aspects.
Marrero Cruz stressed the importance of ensuring cybersecurity through solid systems that protect users’ personal data.
He said that it is necessary to expand the use of electronic payment channels on the island, a process in which state institutions must lead by example, in addition to accompanying the non-state sector so that it contributes to the national economy.
“Artificial intelligence must be taken advantage of in the informatization of society, but for this we must prepare ourselves, outline strategies and study the implicit risks,” said the Head of Government.
The First Secretary of the Party oriented to propitiate dialogue spaces for people to propose their ideas, and to promote the popular control that would lead to the improvement of the Government’s management.
He said that, despite the dissatisfactions in the investment processes and in the exports of goods and services, this is an area that has had great progress, because it achieves results that, years ago, were unthinkable in terms of digitization.
The Head of State affirmed that the sector has highly qualified and prepared personnel, on which the economic and social development of the nation relies.
It was pointed out that the main actions of the Communications, Information Technology and Postal Services sector will be aimed at boosting income from abroad; the search for financing for the development and quality of services, and the best use of the skilled workforce.
Approving the digital transformation policy will mark the path and future challenges in the development and use of technologies in the country.

source: Granma

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