About Us

The Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland (CSFI) was formed to strengthen the bonds between Cuba and Ireland. The CSFI will encourage greater co-operation and friendship through cultural, political and economic exchanges of the peoples of Ireland and Cuba.
Ireland and Cuba have a shared and rich history of resistance to colonial occupation and oppression. CSFI will assist the Cuban people in the assertion of their political and economic independence, including in their struggle against the unjust and continuing blockade imposed by the US.
The campaign will work with colleagues in the Embassy of Cuba in Dublin, and with ICAP (The Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples in Havana and their Northern Europe affiliates).
Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland will develop and strengthen ties, where they already exist, with civic organisations, political parties, trade unions and government agencies in Ireland. It also aims to deepen political and cultural relations, as well as trade and tourism, between the two countries.
We welcome all our readers to join us in support of Cuba through the CSFI and ask you to spread the word and keep in touch. We will be developing policies and campaigns to strengthen our ties with the Cuban people and their representatives especially via ICAP and the Cuban Trade Union Confederation (CTC).