Solidarity With the People of Colombia (CSFI Statement)

On behalf of Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland, we offer the people of Colombia our infinite solidarity and support, in the face of the brutal attacks on the protesters by the state armed forces, which we utterly condemn.

We support the democratic right of every Colombian, to protest peacefully, the right to assemble and freedom of speech in their call for a more equitable system of government.

President Duque must respect the democratic right of the Colombian people. We call on him, to immediately cease the impoverishment of the people by the introduction of taxes on basic food products, to bring to an end to the violence, intimidation, the disappearance of protesters, and the sexual violation of women while in detention for protesting.

We urge him to enter into peaceful dialogue with the many social movements, the trade unions, the indigenous people, the community leaders throughout Colombia, and the youth groups who are putting up such strong resistance to the atrocities which are happening in Colombia daily, so that this crisis may be resolved without any further loss of life.

Marie Barry

Co-ordinatorEmail:  mariebarry51@gmail.com.

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