Henry Reeves Medical Brigade

Cuban support groups worldwide have been asking for the Nobel Peace Prize of 2021 to be awarded to the Cuban Henry Reeves Medical Brigade. In recognition of its selflessness, generosity of spirit and humanism and for their ongoing, extraordinary medical expertise and dedication to humanity during this current Covid19 pandemic. The Brigade has toiled in 74 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, sometimes on more than one occasion when and where surges occurred. Prior to this pandemic the Cuban doctors worked tirelessly in Africa towards eliminating the dreaded Ebola virus and are always prepared to lend their expertise where natural disasters occur.

Cuba Support Forum Ireland has been spreading the word over recent months. Genuine efforts have been made to solicit nominations from eligible qualified individuals including politicians and academics to nominate this exemplary corps of Cuban educated medics.

More than 60 Irish people have advised us that they have submitted nominations for the Henry Reeves Medical Brigade for this prestigious award, the winner of which will be named in Oslo in October 2021.

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