Literacy in Honduras advances with Cuban method

Tegucigalpa, August 23 (RHC) –The national literacy program, promoted by the government of President Xiomara Castro, is advancing today in Honduras with the Cuban teaching method “Yo Si Puedo” (Yes I Can), an official source informed.

According to the head of the Ministry of Education, Daniel Sponda, to date two municipalities have been declared free of illiteracy in the departments of Olancho and Santa Bárbara, and by next week another Honduran municipality is expected to be free of illiteracy.

Through a video broadcast on social networks, Sponda explained that the idea of the Executive is to reach 100 municipalities by the end of this year, and by 2024 declare the Central American country as a territory free of illiteracy.

He affirmed that they are meeting the goal proposed for this calendar and highlighted the work carried out by the 123 Cuban teachers in the area of counseling in all Honduran municipalities.

Likewise, he thanked the mayors of several territories for their support and denounced that other local leaders, especially followers of opposition parties, do not help.

“This is not a benefit for the image of the Government, it is really for the thousands of Hondurans who do not know how to read or write due to the neglect of the administrations that preceded us”, he said.

The government official celebrated the work of hundreds of volunteer teachers who joined the literacy task, as well as senior students, who decided that their social work was to impart knowledge to those who needed it.

On the other hand, he referred to the literacy process they also carry out in the maximum security penitentiary known as La Tolva, where they teach a significant number of prisoners.

Official data show that in 2022, more than 710 thousand people in Honduras did not know how to read or write, which represents 12% of the country’s population. (Source: PL)

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