Díaz-Canel: We are working hard, with commitment and responsibility

The President meet yesterday with workers at two thermoelectric plants in Havana and Artemisa, as part of his tour of the country’s electrical generation facilities, in the wake of serious problems meeting demand during peak hours

Party First Secretary and President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, continuing his tour of Cuban electrical generating plants, visited the Ernesto Guevara thermoelectric plant, in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Norte, in the province of Mayabeque, on Saturday, the 18th, where he commented, “We are confident that we can overcome this situation; the tour has been very encouraging, since the capacity and possibilities we have can be appreciated, and we better understand the tensions under which the work is being done, what is needed, the main aspects that must also be prioritized by the country’s leadership, in relation to the National Electric System.”
Díaz-Canel continued on to the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant in Matanzas, which is waiting for Felton Unit 1, in Mayarí, to be synchronized with the national grid within the next few days, to then be able to shut down for three days to perform some limited maintenance, so that problems do not recur.
The Cuban President began his day early yesterday, June 19, touring areas of the Tallapiedra and Mariel plants, in Havana and Artemisa.

Source: Granma

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