Bolivia: The importance of MAS. By Freddie Mamani Laura

A campaign is being carried out to try to undermine our Political Instrument by means of lies and distortion of some facts. Lately, we have seen “journalistic” notes referring to a supposed division in the Movement Towards Socialism. This response to the fear of certain opposition sectors with influence in the media, who desperately try to overshadow the strength of our organization. They are unable to reach the majority of the population with a serious project for the country, they are unable to mobilize even their closest sectors (the failure of their civic strikes is an example of this statement), their only way out is to sow distrust about MAS.

They are worried about the upcoming elections and, looking at the current political and social landscape, they assume that they have no chance of winning. So what is left for them? They could go from being simple groups of friends and relatives are trying to become an option that thinks of the majority of the Bolivian people. But they do not do it, because they would prefer that their fate depends on what happens in the MAS, because they know that by that alone they are incapable of generating something new.

This attitude shows the importance of the Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the People and the little initiative within the opposition bloc. The political field is defined by what the MAS does and what will happen to it, in such a way that, if there is any discrepancy, they will overestimate it and use the discourse of “division”. They forget or prefer not to consider that MAS is the largest political force in the country, which has as its base the social movements of workers, peasants, factories, miners, trade unions, among others.

It is also worth mentioning that in any given organization, there are internal discrepancies, including offenses against its bylaws, which merit procedures that may result in sanctions and even expulsion. Calling this division is not only irresponsible, it is something intentional that seeks to generate a false image of what is happening.

Another relevant characteristic of MAS is the internal democracy that allows a place for the social and cultural diversity of the Bolivian State. Taking this into account, it is also normal for frictions to occur, even though there are people who seek to gain personal advantage. We have already seen this in the past with individuals with particular interests who could not achieve their intentions, but by no means did this imply that there is division in the MAS.

In conclusion and for the aforementioned reasons, the campaign to disqualify MAS in some media shows that our organization is the most important in the country and that it defines the political field. We regret that they dedicate themselves to overstating certain facts and generating disinformation with clear political intentions. We have clear priorities: to reactivate the economy and consolidate the Plurinational State.

 source Portal del Alba

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