Díaz-Canel: Developing a policy for attention to youth is among the most important government projects underway

The government will be carefully following the implementation of this key policy, the President insisted, stating, “A more intelligent, rigorous, erudite performance is required from all institutions involved with youth in the country”

Party First Secretary and President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez called for an urgent, intelligent effort on the part of leaders, researchers and experts developing the Comprehensive Policy for Attention to Youth and Children, which was proposed recently by the Cuban Academy of Sciences to the country’s highest leadership, and is already taking shape.
Proposals need to be made immediately, especially regarding policies that can be implemented as soon as possible, actions that will produce a change in the situation and in the perception that exists on this issue, insisted Díaz-Canel, during a meeting, yesterday, in which Political Bureau member and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz also participated.
This is one of the most important projects we must get to work on, he said, to address a number of problems, the social situation, migration issues and the country’s demographics, as well.
If youth do not receive differentiated attention, the continuity of the Revolution is at risk, he said, saying that ways must be found to support them in realizing their life projects within the country, both youth in Cuba and those abroad, with whom we must maintain a relationship, he added
Our approach toward young people cannot be focused on assistance, he said, we must provide opportunities for youth to develop their abilities so they can actively participate in all the country’s ideological, economic and social processes.
In this policy, Díaz-Canel emphasized, training and education are key, but also employment and family issues, and within this, the issue of housing. We have accumulated housing problems over a number of years and are not able to solve them all right now, he acknowledged, but within the Housing Policy, he said, a level of differentiated consideration for young people is needed. He mentioned options for renting and micro-credits for youth at different points in their lives.

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