Fight against Covid-19: the example of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. By Fernando Bossi Rojas

When reviewing various balance reports for the year 2021 – a year in which the impact of the pandemic continued to be, by far, the most relevant issue – it is striking to see how the achievements of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua in the fight against Covid-19 are ignored. Not only is this information omitted from the right-wing media, which is logical, but also from the supposedly progressive media.

In Argentina, for example, the right-wing insists on the ” dictatorship of Maduro” or “Castro-Chavism”; but it is also striking that journalists or media that are normally considered progressive, when they refer to a “fourth-rate” or decadent Argentina, they use the term “Argenzuela”. This treatment towards brotherly peoples makes difficult the task of building the Patria Grande, through the progress of Celac or Unasur. It may be, perhaps, the unconscious pride of a cypaya arrogance, which at the time made the president himself disband with “the Brazilians coming from the jungle”.

The fact, for example, that Cuba has produced five vaccines against Covid-19 has been given little importance. Being a country that has been blockaded for more than six decades and permanently attacked by the most powerful imperialism ever known, is it any wonder that in spite of these adversities, Cuban scientists have produced vaccines like no other country in the so-called global south has done? In fact, the largest of the Antilles exhibits for the pride of its people and its revolution is the Soberana 01, Soberana 02, Soberana Plus, Abdala, and Mambisa vaccines.

Venezuela, also besieged as never before by Yankee imperialism and its European allies, developed the 7 x 7, also known as the “Venezuelan method” of 7 days of quarantine and 7 days of open activities with care. Also, the popular organization and government planning, had extraordinary positive results in the fight against the pandemic, showing one of the best indicators not only in America but also worldwide, in terms of a lower rate of contagion per number of inhabitants and lower lethality rate of the infected population.

The same in the case of Nicaragua, where the supposed “Ortega dictatorship” -as it is referred to the point of exhaustion, not only by the most recalcitrant Right-wingers but also by the progressive sellouts-, has achieved very striking positive figures, thanks to the organization of the people together with their revolutionary government. However, there is an issue that “progressives” in general do not dare to address because it causes them hives, and that is to recognize that, in the three countries referred to, where the pandemic has been faced with responsibility and exemplary seriousness, there are revolutionary processes. And these revolutionary processes contain, among their fundamental pillars, the grassroots popular organization, the organized popular power, together with the political party organization, the Armed and Security Forces, and the general staff of the revolutionary governments. All these are figures that frighten the progressives like a cross frightens Dracula. This is why they do not want to speak out about the successes achieved by Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Latin American countries, unfortunately, show alarming figures, macabre in some of them, and many with progressive governments!

From this tribune, we will continue to communicate to the Latin American-Caribbean people that Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans continue heroically resisting the imperialist offensive; that with science and organizational capacity they have been containing the pandemic in an exemplary manner in comparison with the countries of the so-called first world; and that we repudiate the cowardice of many sectors that call themselves progressive and end up attacking the sovereignty of these worthy countries that are an example of solidarity and humanity.

source El Portal del Alba

translation Red en Defensa de la Humanidad.

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