Cuba, like Camilo, forever young and joyful

Cuba can feel Camilo Cienfuegos “young and joyful,” tweeted Party First Secretary and President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, yesterday, February 6, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the legendary revolutionary’s birth, adding “His loyalty and Cubanness remain within the people”

Her children are the pride of the Motherland. Cuba never forgets the valuable examples of our best sons and daughters, always reserving gratitude for them, honoring them by cultivating the principles that allow them to endure long past their deaths.
Proud to know them as our own, we embrace them from the richness of a legacy that is reborn in the determination of the people, and, as is only right, honor those who with their deeds merit our reverence.
It does not take much to understand why every February reminds us of his unforgettable, sincere smile, the reflection of a transparent, illuminated soul and incorruptible values; a convergence that produced admiration and respect at every stage of his life.
He was born a natural leader, an unconditional friend, an impeccable revolutionary, the undisputed Señor of the guerrilla vanguard. Camilo was all of this, an authentic Cuban, an incorrigible jokester with the most serious sense of duty.
How can we forget him, a being of such unlimited scope who set out to rescue Martí from oblivion, the only person to whom Fidel turned to ask: “How am I doing?” How can we forget the man who said he could never be against Fidel, even in a ball game. How can we forget someone who was the personification of our people?
How much history his walk through this world leaves us, a thousand stories to tell our boys and girls, if we want them to learn from his example and dedication.
His was a short life, but every minute of it was enough to immortalize him; because the value of one’s existence is not measured in years, but in deeds.
Cuba celebrates the existence of Camilo. As his life and character were, the Revolution’s years have been fraught with danger, but we remain undaunted and joyful. We celebrate because the light of such beings is never extinguished, for their people.

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