Syringes for Cuba, COVID-19 Medical Appeal for Cuba

Due to the inhuman economic blockade placed on Cuba, the country needs help
to create or import syringes in order to administer their Covid vaccines to the

Cuban population.

Cuba’s international medical brigades have treated patients and saved lives for the past 15
years in 53 countries confronting natural disasters and serious epidemics, such as the

Ebola crisis in West Africa.

Cuba has developed five internationally recognized candidate COVID-19 vaccines. Cuba
has 11.3 million people, but plans to produce 100 million doses of vaccine, to meet its
commitment to sharing its low-cost vaccines with poor countries in the developing world.
This is a way of providing direct support to the Cuban people and denouncing the

cruel and inhumane US blockade.

Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland is asking for a small donation in order for us to send
out syringes and other medical equipment that can be used by Cuban health

experts and workers in order to fight Covid 19.

All donations made will go directly towards buying the raw materials needed to
manufacture vaccines, medicines used to treat COVID-19 patients , and syringes

and vials to support the vaccination programme in Cuba.
You can make an immediate donation online at our web page


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