Message From The Cuban Ambassador- Hugo René Ramos

Cuba faces three pandemics: the economic blockade, the Covid-19 and the aggressions manufactured in the United States. It is not news that the Cuban people have been facing the consequences of the criminal economic blockade imposed by the United States government for more than 60 years. Since March, like the rest of the world, we have faced the Covid-19 pandemic. It is true that for a few days we have faced a major outbreak, the six thousand infected have been exceeded for several days and we had to mourn the death of 47 people last Friday, the highest number recorded since the start of the pandemic. Every deceased and every sick person hurts. Even with these data, Cuba shows an effectiveness in handling the pandemic, enviable by the vast majority of the countries of our region, and even in developed and rich Europe. Not to mention the United States. The fatality in Cuba is 0.65% while the world rate is 2.16 and in Latin America it is 2.62. More than seven million doses of the Cuban vaccine against Covid-19 have been applied and about two million Cubans are fully vaccinated. The campaign will continue rapidly. The efforts of the government and the health system have been enormous to preserve the health of our people, facing the severe economic restrictions derived from the blockade and the impact of a 15-month pandemic. It cannot be ignored how much that blockade has intensified throughout these 15 months of pandemic with the express purpose of achieving a greater strangulation and causing a profound impact on the Cuban people. In parallel, a shameful destabilization campaign has been brewing from the United States that seeks to capitalize on popular exhaustion after 15 months of pandemic and economic hardships. This campaign has been amplified by the press and social networks, it has an echo in Europe and some Latin American nations. It aims to show a chaotic situation in Cuba and the failure of the Government. The same people who a few months ago desperately asked Trump to strengthen the blockade and military intervention in Cuba, today are asking for a humanitarian intervention. How much cynicism, how many humanitarian interventions would not be urgent in Latin America. Can you compare those who emigrate from Cuba or those who demonstrate against the government, with the millions of Latin Americans who try to reach the United States and find an insurmountable wall? Half the continent would have to intervene humanely. We have received donations and we are not ashamed, we will continue to receive all those that come in good faith. Cuba has offered its solidarity to those who have needed it and today we receive reciprocity. They are scandalized because the revolutionary people have been invited to take to the streets in front of those who persecute the destabilization of public order and chaos. It doesn’t bother us that someone thinks differently, that someone speaks out against socialism or that they simply express their disagreements with certain policies or their frustration over economic shortages. What we cannot and will not tolerate is mercenarism. It is not tolerated by any nation that respects itself. It is not in Cuba where the police have charged the protesters with clubs and water pipes. It is not in Cuba where there are young people who have lost an eye and even their lives due to police brutality. These images are found in European, Latin American and other capitals, before and during the pandemic, not in Cuba. The Cuban people and government love peace and we will continue to be determined not to rob us of citizen tranquility. We will continue to be determined to defeat the pandemic and overcome the economic challenges imposed by the blockade. The blockade has not succeeded in more than 60 years to destroy the Cuban Revolution, neither have the aggressions and campaigns of the United States government and its agents. We will defeat the pandemic. We appreciate the expressions of solidarity received and we invite our friends to denounce this new aggression and campaign. Patria o Muerte VECEREMOS.

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