From an Irish mountain, a giant Cuban flag flies with a clear message to President Biden: “UNBLOCKCUBA”

A giant Cuban flag, the largest ever made in the world, measuring 46 meters long by 23 meters wide, has been affixed to the side of Black Mountain, one of the hills that surround the city of Belfast.

Along with the flag, also in giant letters, a strong and clear message to President Joe Biden who is participating in the G7 Summit: “UNBLOCKCUBA”.

It is a beautiful gesture of friendship led by Irish solidarity, with a solid tradition and active militancy in the campaign against the blockade and attacks on Cuba and in defense of the conquests of the Cuban Revolution.

The Flag and the message will be able to be seen from practically all the city of Belfast.

It is a tradition in this city to post messages of a political and social nature on the slopes of Black Mountain, as happened just a few weeks ago with the most recent Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

President Joe Biden will not be able to see the flag and the phrase UNBLOCKCUBA from his seat in the G7 summit, but the idea of ​​our friends is that this image travels the world, is seen by the US president, stays in his retina and compel him to honor his electoral promises, and to understand once and for all that the fate of 11 million Cubans should be a priority for his government and therefore more than 60 years of criminal economic blockade against the people of Cuba.

The message is also addressed to the MEPs who yesterday once again muddied the authority of the European Parliament, issuing a statement riddled with falsehoods of Yankee fabrication. If they are interested in the fate of Cubans, they must strive to put an end to the longest state crime in history, represented by 60 years of economic blockade.

For several days, encouraged by members of the Cuban Solidarity Forum Ireland, a Cuban patriot living here, Yasmary Perdomo Rodríguez and a group of artists led by Gerard Mocara Kelly, Risteárd Omurchú, Bill and John Bradley, and Sara Ní Murchú, associates to the community project “Gael Force Art”, stitch by stitch they joined dozens of meters of fabric to form this gigantic Cuban flag.

The initiative is also supported by various organizations that have traditionally expressed their solidarity with Cuba, such as the Sinn Féin party and its youth organization, the Communist and Workers’ parties of Ireland, trade unions, neighborhood organizations and individuals who embraced this noble cause.

We are proud to have the moral support and even the physical presence of deputies who are friends of Cuba carrying the flag and participating in the ceremony.

Irish solidarity has been participating in rallies in front of the US embassy in Dublin and its consular office in Belfast, among other anti-blockade initiatives, such as the UNBLOCKCUBA walking and public awareness campaign.

The Cuban ambassador to Ireland, Hugo Ramos Milanés sent a message to the participants in this ceremony by which he expressed on behalf of the Cuban people our sincere appreciation to the Irish friends and our gratitude for their sustained gestures of solidarity.

Dublin, June 11, 2021.

Next, we share a link with the beautiful video made by “Gael Force Art” about the development of this solidarity initiative.


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