Ireland, the campaign against the genocidal blockade of Cuba, sets a new appointment.


Dublin, May 09, 2021. The Association of Cubans residing in Ireland “Che Guevara” and friends of the various organizations that make up the Irish movement of solidarity with Cuba, prepare new actions to support the island in the fight against the economic, commercial and financial blockade, imposed by the North American government for more than 60 years.

This time the appointment will be on Sunday, May 30th at noon, in front of the North American Embassy in Dublin.

This initiative joins campaigns carried out in various parts of the world that have registered actions in more than 90 cities during the same weekend, in which friends of Cuba demand the end of this genocidal policy.

The mobilization was called on the eve of the vote in the UN General Assembly, on June 23, of a new Resolution against the siege of Washington to the Cuban people.

This time the Cuban-Irish family will show the world that the Cuban family is sacred.

@embacubairlanda – @CubaMINREX

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