Greeting message from the Cuban Embassy in Ireland to Trade Unionists and Workers on International Workers’ Day.

Dear Irish Trade Unionists and Workers,

The Irish trade union movement occupies a special place in the solidarity movement with Cuba.

There are fraternal relations between the main Irish unions and the Central of Workers of Cuba, as well as formidable relations and collaboration between the Irish unions and the Cuban embassy in Dublin.

Traditionally, Irish trade unionists and workers have traveled to Cuba on this date and have participated in that massive workers’ party that is celebrated every year in Havana with more than a million people parading in the Square of the Revolution, a party that is played in the provincial capitals and brings together millions of participants throughout the island.

This great celebration in Havana begins with a block made up of international delegations, which after the parade celebrate the international union solidarity meeting.

The Covid-19 pandemic has prevented us from celebrating that great party in the last two years and sharing together about the aspirations and union struggles for a better world, where the working class is recognized in its full rights as the force that moves development and the welfare of humanity.

However, we have not stopped being together and communicated.

During this period, the Cuban people have continued to receive important expressions of solidarity from Irish unionists and workers, especially in the international demand to end the criminal economic blockade that the United States government has maintained against the Cuban people for more than 60 years, and reinforced with brutality during the pandemic, with the deliberate and perverse desire to generate additional hardships for our people and surrender the sovereign will to build a diverse and better world, which does not obey the rules of the empire.

The congress of the Communist Party has just been held, which has marked the transition from the leadership of the Revolution to the new generations, who are daughters of that Revolution. Process that was led by the historical generation that made our Revolution triumph and led it during these 62 years along the paths of victories.

In that Congress, these new generations, represented by the newly elected first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, have ratified their fidelity to the Revolution and the commitment to preserve its conquests and continue the construction of a socialist society capable of providing wellbeing to the Cuban people.

I want to express on behalf of the Cuban working people and their union organizations, and on behalf of the Cuban embassy in Ireland, our deep appreciation and sincerest gratitude for all the solidarity shown.

Receive our cordial congratulations on International Workers’ Day and our best wishes for the success of your struggles in favor of the just aspirations of the working class of this fraternal country.

A fraternal hug.

Hugo Ramos Milanés

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