The Network in Defense of Humanity Mourns the Passing of Ramsey Clark

On April 9, the people in the United States lost one of their best sons, the brilliant jurist and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, an exceptional man, simple, honest and of great humanistic values, who despite the positions he held, stood on the side of truth and justice in any corner of the world where his presence was needed.
In the United States, Ramsey Clark was a bastion of the movement against wars, sanctions and blockades.
It would be impossible to mention all the struggles in which he was involved and all the political prisoners he defended, but we cannot fail to mention the struggle for the freedom of the Five Cuban Heroes unjustly imprisoned in the prisons of the Empire.
In November 2013, the Cuban government awarded him the Order of Solidarity during the Colloquium that took place in the city of Holguin. Ramsey was a close friend of Cuba, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Palestine and all peoples fighting for peace and justice.
The Network in Defense of Humanity, to which Ramsey belonged, sends a sincere message of condolences to his family and friends. Today José Marti’s phrase “Death is not true when the work of life has been well accomplished” is even truer.
Thank you Ramsey for your dedication, and the example you left to the generations that fight for a better world.

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