The USA blockade and what is really happening in Venezuela. By Atilio Borón

Washington’s aggression against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and other countries is a flagrant violation of human rights since its purpose is to destroy the material and spiritual foundations of a society that is, the well-being, happiness and freedom of its inhabitants. In other words, it is a crime against humanity which, however, does not move the international organizations that should demand Washington to put an end to these policies, nor the many NGOs, supposedly interested in guaranteeing respect for human rights, that look the other way when it comes to condemning the crimes of the empire in the above-mentioned countries as in so many others. For those who think I am exaggerating, I suggest you visit the Human Right Watch page dedicated to Venezuela and you will see that I am being too kind in my criticisms. You can read textually, that:(https://www.hrw.org/es/americas/venezuela) 

“Venezuela is going through an unprecedented humanitarian emergency with severe medicine and food shortages to which Venezuelan authorities have not responded adequately. In 2019, the president of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó declared himself head of state and asked the people and the Armed Forces to support him. The country continues in a political impasse.”

This organization, as so many others of its kind proliferating among the countries submitted to imperialism, say nothing about the causes of the “humanitarian emergency” and the lack of “medicines and food”. The reason: they are front organizations of the U.S. government, which for that reason allocates enormous resources to propagate lies such as those we have just quoted above.

 Every time Human Rights Watch (or any other NGO of its kind) makes a statement or produces an opinion, know that it is the U.S. government that is really speaking and condemning. And that it will lie as the White House invariably does every time it makes a statement about the countries that are victims of its barbaric aggression. It lied when it assured the world that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and we’re not; and when it said that the Libyan government had dissolved in the blood and fire an opposition demonstration in Benghazi, and nothing had happened in that city, and the ones related to Afghanistan for 18 years, published by the Washington Post in its December 9, 2019 edition, for the sole purpose of favoring the business of the military-financial-industrial complex.

 Listing the lies of the White House and the U.S. Congress (reproduced by fraudulent organizations such as Human Rights Watch) would fill hundreds of pages. Someone will have to take on that task one of these days.Posted Yesterday by Cuba-Network in Defense of Humanity

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